About Us

We are Joel & Tony, the founders of the Eagle Pro Helipad. RC helicopters started off as a bit of fun but eventually become a passion and a way of life.

We spent years perfecting our flying skills and often this included landing on make-shift landing pads and getting in trouble from our wives for scratching items around the house. Oops!

After searching online for a ready-made RC helipad, we found absolutely nothing. Both of us have engineering backgrounds with experience in product development, so we thought let's build our very own and maybe we can mass produce it and make it affordable for everyone. That's where the Eagle Pro Helipad began.

It seemed like a simple project at first......

Of course, boys being boys, we had to pimp it out with LED lights for night flying, elevate it, add outriggers, custom sticker packs and also incorporate an interlocking design to make a giant helipad using 4 pads. We just couldn't help ourselves! The KISS(Keep it simple stupid) principle was completely thrown out the window.

A simple 3 month part-time project stretched out to 12 months, 5 prototypes and plenty of all-nighters working on the helipad as we wanted to make the design perfect. The Eagle Pro Helipad V2 will be even crazier, some of our ideas are crazy and bordering on ridiculous, but just let us catch our breath for now and decide in the future! 

So far, our customers have loved the Eagle Pro Helipad. The emails we get each day have been extremely humbling and have been the highlight of this journey, it really means so much to us when a customer emails us and tells us how her husband, son or grandson absolutely loved their new helipad and the helipad has taken their flying to a whole new level of fun. 

If you have any questions, please get in contact with us, we would love to hear from you. 

Thanks for reading,

Joel and Tony

Eagle Pro Founders